The Jacquemuse show is one of the most beautiful lately, for me with Dior and Balmain are the most beautiful moods and brands now, he has such a good taste when it comes to dress a girl, a woman, to make her feel sensual but extremely elegant and misterious at the same time, I think I like it so much because I love all woman who are like this, myself love to be like this, I wanted to wear something looking very different from I wear mostly, there are times that I need to get new inspiration go out of my ideas and I work with other people to achieve this result like in here, I hire stylist to help me to level up my style, my inspiration and these trust me, had helped me so much, I do not do it all the time because you want to share who you are as well but time to time I recommend to do it with your style,

  • Wearing:
  • Styled by: La petite stylist
  • dress: cheyma (courtesy)
  • Bag: Chloe