Eye care, facial masks,ย  I am obssesed with trying all the products in the whole world, actually sephora or any beauty shop are my happy places, I used to pass hours and hours inside sephora just trying everything in make up, beauty, hair, perfums, i am such a curious person. Here I am trying the eye gel in gold and gel red from Patchness Paris, they are quite good for who ever who wants to have a quick shot of freshness, nothing like eyepatches, I always advise to wear and to take tons of these to avoid and retard botox, or any kinda of injection as injections will change quite a lot the expression of your face and trust me you dont want that, better to invest in eye patches that late botox paralized face expression!!!!!

  • Wearing
  • eye gel gold patches from Patchness paris (courtesy of Press office Paris)