When it comes to creating content, the most important thing besides your outifit will be the location where you will take your pictures, for me is all about telling a story to the people who may watch them, you want them to see you in a place, enyoing something, you communicate in a direct or indirect way with your public, so many details, I personally like to spot places that show the place where I am combining it with a good perspective and the contrasting or blending with the colors, these three elements may help you to get a quick good result when you create your content. For example for this serie, I wanted something super fashion that reflects that I was in fashion week and at the same time blend with the colors of my outfit. We shoot these images before the Celia K. fashion show in front of Dior, indeeeeed.

Glam squad:

  • Designer: Julien Fournie
  • Stylist: Bianca Cohen
  • Pr office: L’appart Paris
  • Accesories: Cult Gaia
  • Photographer: Enju Paula Kim

Blending at Dior mural with Julien Fournie new collection

Did I mentioned that I decided to make a sunglasses and bag collection, everytime at interviews they asked me what I love the most and what I have the most, till now I was never able to answear as I never wanted to collect anything, I give away every 6 months most of the presents or things I buy.  The sunglasses I am wearing are the very first nice present I got as a blogger, from Anna Karin Karlson and since ever I think they are the only one I never lost and I am still loving them, fact of my life, I think I have lost or people took around 100 pairs of sunglasses in the last 5 years. With Ashley, better known as Red Hot Paris, this Cuban girl is pure energy, here we are before the Celia K. show

And with him!!!! Yes, with Julien Fournie after his show in Paris,