I think I have always been interested in beauty, it is something that my mother transmitted me since ever I remember, she always told me and teach me to take care of my self, to eat well, to read books, to keep updated in general about everything and of course to use makeup to be pretty even if me personally for I never liked until I became a blogger, I discovered how better you can look when you have good make up on, being a model let me to know and be in touch with the best make up houses but when I really started liking make up it was when I started getting gifts from make up houses. Social media had change the game for ever, a pop store can bring more poeple and more interest than any other way of marketing if you know how to play with it, so here I am in the beauty hotel from the re-branded and storic yves saint laurent turned saint laurent, the event last 3 days and was full of play spots for bloggers, personalized make up with your name, placed three floors with different music for all kinds, make up, nails and photobooth corners, all this ends up in a huge mass media sharing.

  When it comes to

I wanted to dress something chill but sexy at the same time, my combination ends up like philiphe plein jeans with top from yamamay with balmain jacket, I love to mix clothes that can be umprobably together and see the effect of them together