Patricia Gloria Contreras was born in Mexico. After having obtained a degree in Marketing and International Businness chose to move to Europe; to Milano to become a proffesional model. The fortune and work make her live between Rome and Milan, where she achieved popularity through the TV, in a variety of popular series programs like “Skertzi a parte”, “Commissario Rex”, ” Non e stato mio figlio” with Gabriel Garko and the massive notoriety came with “The Lady” playing Lona as the principal character by Lory del Santo. This lead her to participate in the italian reality show “Isola dei famosi”.

Mean while she achieved experience and studies in Paris that is a busy, fashion and meltinspot as well as romantic, majestic and full of history city.
Therefore decided to get involved in artistic fields by attending photography and painting classes in a university course at the prestigious “Ecole du Louvre” Parsons university and “ECV” from the other side of the lens.

From there her passion became her job and she is involved in fashion, acting, art and any form of cretivity that shares as a visual artist daily following her personal aesthetic concept on her blog and on various social media.