Like many saturdays in Paris, I get to be with my  Brunchparty family, we got reunited at Hotel Rennaisance in Repubic with many other bloggers and beauty influencers to discover the hotel, the menu, the special dishes created by the chef as well as to try in preview the collection of Berenice, Opale bijoux and Bon Parfumeur, I have to say that is an amazing way to get to know all designers and be in touch with them a lit bit more closer than when you go to a show, presentation or any other kind of fashion event, in these kind of workshops your really get in touch with the brand and you learn how they create it, their DNA, the mood and lucky us we always see all before everybody. We also shooted in the terrace of the hotel with an amazing view, what was also super cool and super cold, here are some shoots with Brunchparty, xoxo, Patricia