Hello to all travelers,

Being in Bali has been a big refreshing for me, it has been so good and so cool to be in contact with a place that offers you all this energy to recharge, Bali is like going into another world and you definetely need more than 1 month to explore the whole island but 1 week is already good enough to expolore the best parts of it. The jungle in UBUD is definetely a place to go, to explore, I highly recommend to everybody to go to Ubud because is paradise, the landscapes are from another world, even though the nature is so wild is at the same time so balanced, while in Ubud I was invited to visit the Chapung Sebali resort and was one of the most magic experience I have ever lived in my life, to get to the place you need to drive for 30 minutes to get into the jungle, once you get there is like a place floating in the green, the way the hotel is designed gives you the sensation that is floating in the middle of the jungle, every set and part of the hotel is planned in blocks going down until you get to the pool and the spa, this way of distribution makes it to keep privacy between the spaces, feeling very light while exploring the resort.

The ambience is very very private, silence and discrete, I recommend this place for family time with kids or who ever wants to make a peaceful retreat, tought the place and the location are in  the middle of the jungle the infrastructure and every material is very luxurious, is a mix of nature with very high end materials and planning what I love and enjoy so much, the room was exceptional, the view, the private pool, all the spaces were so big and cozy to stay.

The menu is very hype, fusion and sophisticated, the mix of the dishes Chapung offers can satisfied the most exigent people in terms of taste, decoration and mix dishes, I love that in Bali everything is fresh made, even the butter is delicious, I am not a fan of butter or greasy food but in Bali you have no option to say no to food.

I had a gift  massage what was very very good, the rooms in the spa are open spaces in a way that when you have your massage you can listen to birds and all nature sounds for real, all oils and treatments are 100% natural

The service is also very good, though people work in a way that you don’t see them, they are kind of invisible until you need something.

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PERSONAL REVIEW  on a bases from 0 to 10

  • SERVICE: 10, very good service, over my expectations
  • FOOD: 10, excellent, is not only fresh and delicious, also hype, modern and sophisticated
  • AMENITIES: 7, not offering extra amenities included, though every personal request is satistifed
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: 10, very modern, fresh and magic
  • ROOM: 10, excellent
  • BATHROOM: 8 easy to move, though not a lot of privacy because is all open, but beautiful and with an amazing view.
  • AMBIENCE: 9, ideal for retreat, very familiar and friendly oriented