Elegant and chic, mostly these are the goals of everygirls and woman, specially when you live in Paris every single female is obssesed with being elegant and chic, I personally never dreamed of this in my life, until I started to go out in Paris I realized how important was, for me is very sad that you will be judged in base of your clothes and style, it is such a superficial way to put people in boxes so for me it is like dress for you the job you want to have, maybe is just like an evoution of style the way you express to the world who you are, who you want to become, a piece with you can never go wrong is a white t’shirt, it is classic, elegant and you can always give your personal twist to it, I love different things,  I guess is just that too classy is boring for me, but certainly you will never go wrong with it. In here wearing the berret from Dior with the vaqueros boots make it super cool, also the oversize t’shirt makes it edge what I love , and you are a experimental fashion or your prefer to follow the rules?

  • Wearing:
  • Boots : (courtesy of dresscode press office)
  • T-shirt: Massimo Dutti
  • Berret: Dior
  • Bag: Dior

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