Miami has always been super cool for me, I came the very first time when I started modelling, to my first victoria’s secret fashion show and when they opened the Fontainbleu hotel, they say a city choose you what I agree, for some reason you feel attracted to many destinations and to some others you will never feel like visiting, everytime I come here I get so much good vibes and good energy that I just love to come back, I have many french friends that we all love art, fashion and healthy lifestyle like me that is cool to see them out of the city, here some pictures enjoying the sea with some of my favorite accesories from

  • Wearing:
  • Sunglasses: Dita
  • Bikini: Louis Vuitton
  • Accesories: Opale
  • Car courtesy from: Paramount Luxury renting
  • Fendi Vintage: What goes around comes around



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