Hello to all my girls out there,

I have been waiting for this moment so much because I have been so busy working and traveling that I didnt have time at all to share with you all my beauty routines and beauty musts, lately my perspective of beauty and fashion has been changing so much, I feel I have been evolving so much and I am so happy to share this with you because this is all about to share with you my daily life, what I do, what I like and to get your opinon on this, these pictures where taken in Miami while I was trying this line that I am super fan, soap and glory because I have a very fast lifestyle and also because I love to look good and healthy, if you tell me what are my priorities I can tell you, to sleep well, eat healthy food and keep a healthy state of mind, I know that we live in a very busy and competitive world but I  want to keep it like this, for me money is nothing if you are not happy with what you do, trying this products the main thing that atrracted me was the packaging that is super girly, glam and blingbling, the pink natural attracts me to buy it as all girly things catch always my attention first, but the ingredients are super good when it comes to the result of these creams,

I bought the total treatment: facial wash, night cream, day cream, eye cream, all this creams lead you to have a glow in few minutes, when I wake up I need something than wakes my face and skin quickly enough as I do my breakfast or I get ready to choose clothes and these treatments give this quick speed plump that I need everymorning,

You can find the link in here to your products: www.soapandglory.com

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