Parissian style is very specific and you can recognize them all over the world, they will be wearing that specific pieces  that you will know they are parissian,

  1. Standing for urban, active and elegant, french girls love to be independent or at least try to be, so you will always see them on the go, doing something or being busy and they just love to look effortless while doing everything
  2. Elegant blazers: they can be oversize and the biggest the best, this can give to you a very interesting allure that I recommend to every girl that wants to be cool boyish
  3. Wear ballerinas: they can be super cute on your feet, comfortable to walk and stylish to work without need to kill your feet, they are cool with jeans or leggins, I mean use your imagination
  4. The little black dress:  for me there is nothing with more allure than a woman who wears her shape and knows how to use it, you dont have to be skinny to be beautiful, you have to be you and use it,
  5. Invest in good materials when comes to basics: t-shirts, sweaters, underwear, socks, piyamas, everything that will be close to your skin has to be natual and fresh materials, preferable to buy them in basics colors, black, white and gray or pastels,
  6. French poeple are mostly very conservative, this means that they will invest in the long term, and this comes in everything in their lifes, once I asked why? as I come from a fast-consuming culture and they answear was that after the war they became like this
  7. The whole idea of this parissian allure is to look expensive and time-less, what you can afford it with quality pieces,
  8. The question is, which kinda of woman you are???


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