Lovies!!! Cannes film festival has always been my dream since I was 9 years old and I used to watch Fashion TV in Mexico, life has suprised me in so many ways. I am so lucky I had the chance to get ready with Saint Laurent during Cannes for the amazing Gala, Fashion for relief. Saint Laurent has always been a super iconic brand.

Their suit is the Majestic hotel, in the last floor with an amazing view that you can see everything from there, the treatment they have is total personalized, they make me feel like a total Diva, since the beggining to the end, the best of the best, I totally loved what they do on me, we worked on a wet hair pony tail with very light black eyes, I was a little bit suspicious about it but after I totally realized that was the best of the best, normally all make up artist put so much make up on me, so when I saw that they were using just a little bit I was stressed about the red carpet,

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