Glowing skin is super affordable if you know which products to use, since I start trying more and more products I realized the whole difference between the quality ones and the ones that are not really good to your skin, when I first saw Glam Glow was around 6 years ago, it looks quite glamourous but I thought that they might be very chemical as well and didnt feel safe to try them as I am a total supporter of vegan, cruelty free, green products,  it has been proveed that hight tech products are good for your skin in the moment but the most you use them the most your skin will need them and in the long term you will age quicker, that is why I suggest to all of you to keep it simple and avoid too sophisticated creams as they will give you the opposite effect even if you believe it or not. Finally when I got to try Glam glow france I saw that they have effectively a lot of high end formulas but as well combined with natual elements to not harm your skin, I got to try 3 different products: 


  1. The Choarcal supercleanse claryfing foam
  2. The thirsty mud hydrating treatment
  3. Waterburst glow moisturizer

These top 3, will help you to keep your skin on the top of hidratation without harming it and accelerating the aging process, I hightly reccommend it to girls between your 25 and 30, most of the times after your 30 your might need some anti wrinkles treatment but if you do not have wrinkles just stick to a normal hydratation formula. enjoy