Hello Girls!!!!

Today I want to share with you the keys to be stylish and the key elements that will make you look glamourous, confident, beautiful and modern, so here we go:

  1. Make sure to choose the colors that you will be wearing and also the place that you will go to, I love to blend with the atmosphere, I mean if you are in Miami you can wear colorful things or also contrast them but never let them compete in between,
  2. Choose a statement piece, in this case of my look I have 2 statement pieces, the black shinny berret and the boots, I will construct on that my whole look
  3. Accesories are very important, as they will complete the look dramatically or kill it
  4. Shoes: Always pick the correct pair of shoes, I think I am obssesed with shoes and sunglasses, I love good shoes and I cannot see woman with ugly desing shoes, this has nothing to do with the price, is just the design of the shoe will fit your feet and total morphology in general
  5. Your grooming has always to be on top of your game, but over everything choose colors that will make you look younger, I mean fresh and accesible, unless you wanna add 15 years to your face then dont
  6. Attitude, if you don’t feel comfortable with what you are wearing, no outfil will help, so bring with you a good attitude and smile where ever you go
  7. Enjoy every thing you do 🙂

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