I always believed in renovation, even our cells are in constant renovation, so why we should not be??? you can achieve any style as long as you go all the way, you can level it up, complete it or kill it, here the keys to have a succesfull modern bohemian, expensive kinda of look:

  1. Basic pieces first: Choose your outfit piece statement, for example: my outfit is the gray pants look from Gaelle that the cut is already super cool, over this piece your will construct your outfit look
  2. Accesories: Level it up with nice shoes, very often bohemian is associated to non expensive or lazy or kinda easy going look, always level up your look with great shoes, bags, this will give a swift to your look
  3. Swift piece: Add that element that will make it different, it can be : hats, bags, prints, hair style, crazy personality, big accesories, I mean you have a huge variety to add and twist it, in here I add the black, there are few pictures without it and some others with it, I personally loved it with it as it adds more personality to it and complete the look
  4. Rock it with self-confidence, often people tells me, only you could dress like this or only you could wear this, be out the box this is my advice



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