Hey girls!!!! You will never believe, I could drive a white, cabrio Rolls Royce while I was in Miami, I was way too excited, I love to drive, personally I prefer driving than drivers I know that is so comfy to have a driver is just that I love speed and this car feels like heaven when you touch it, is incredible soft. I drove it all around Miami, from Design District to Lincoln Road, did all what we feel like, enjoyed with my friends, son, took millions of pics and here you go, some with you to share.

Why I think having a nice car is important?

Transportation is a part of a lifestyle, they take you around, they bring you to places, they are almost like a second house if you move constanty, this the reason why it is also as important as a house, I have said it in several times, you will be highly influenced by the things, people and everything around you, fashion and design is a lifestyle, you don’t have to drive a rolls but it is good if you have the possibilities to drive a clean, modern, design version of what you can afford.


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