Hello loavies!!! Super excited to join the team sephora France for the launch of Tarte cometics, American brand that just make their launching in Paris, the event was a whole success, with bloggers, you tubers, instagramers, beauty content creators, so much energy and madness that day, I invited some of my best friends to join the day, we passed 4 hours between trying on make up, making pictures or just talking to other people, is an amazing occasion to meet all the other people involved in Beauty, the future is realness thats why bloggers have so much power in these days, nobody believes at the perfect advertising of models, people wants to see the truth, they want to know what works an what does not work, the madnes was because the whole room was full packed with make up and you could take as much as you can, offering high quality make up to every need, I took primers, base, correctors, mascara, lipgloss, fard, I mean I was back home with 4 bags packed of make up, once I start doing my make up with it I realized how good it is, the quality of the primers is awesome, is proffesional make up but affordable and fun!!! thanks tarte cosmetics for making it, enjoy