Hello Everybody,

I am so excited with you to share my experience in Bali, is so long time that I have been wanting to explore different cultures, places and spots, I live in mostly between Italy and France but always traveling around, everything was planned1 month before, but came so good into place, after Cannes film festival we flew to Bali to spend one week in amazing hotels like the Royal Santrian, when I first walked in I felt so excited to be in a place that I wanted to be for so long, I totally felt the energy of this place, the kindness of people and the great arquitecture and beauty of nature is overhelming, living in Mexico make me be used to wild nature, used to mosquitos or insects or any kind of wild,

When you go inside the Royal Santrian the entry is very quiet and refined, the people in the Lobby welcomed me with a special ritual for good energy and vibrations, what I loved more than anything, the hotel arquitecture is very well planned, you have a clean view from the fist door till the end of the beach, I am a very visual person and love to be in ambiences that inspire me. Afterwards we went to our suite that it was stunning with private pool, huge bathroom, outdoors shower, bathtub, huge bed, I mean was amazing to be there, the service is excellent not only in terms of professionality but also in terms of kindness, every request was filled into the minimum detail to us to be satisfied and happy,

The food was fantastic to the point that we eat all day long non stop, fresh juices, delicious taste and a big variety of plates and dishes.

You can click here to reserve your stay: https://santrian.com/the-royal-santrian/

PERSONAL REVIEW  on a bases from 0 to 10

  • SERVICE: 10, very kind people always willing to make you happy to the minimum detail
  • FOOD: 10, excellent, a huge variety of plates, only fresh meals
  • AMENITIES: 7, not offering extra amenities included, though every personal request is satistifed
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: 10 very cozy and elegant, perfect for who is looking for luxury and privacy
  • ROOM: 10, excellent
  • BATHROOM: 10, very good, a little bit dark, love bathrooms with lots of lights
  • AMBIENCE: excellent, the people and the place make it a spot for unforgettable and realax days